DIY: Jewelry Dish

jewelry dish

This spring/summer season when you feel artsy try this DIY Jewelry Dish. it is funky and really helpful in keeping scattered pieces in one place.


Plaster of Paris (prepare according to the instructions on the box) I used this.
Gold or Silver liquid guiding I used this.
You could also use Acrylic Metallic Paint, this one.
Paint brush
A plastic mold of any shape you like (I used a floral lid of a salad box)


  • Be careful with the first three steps and be a bit quick.
  • Keep the mold ready – the plaster solidifies quickly so it is important to set it properly in the first few minutes of mixing.
  • First create the Plaster of Paris as per the instructions and quickly set it in the mold
  • Let it dry well. (the exact time required will be mentioned on the box) If you like to create textures – it is best to do when the POP is wet

jewelry dish 2

  • Next day – you can paint it Silver or gold or any other color you like!
  • Let it dry  for a few hours and use it to keep your jewelry in a funky dish

jewelry dish 3

You can even create clay dishes to store keys/ jewelry, see how to make here.

Clay Dish


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