Colorful Clay Bowls

home decor - clay bowls

home decor - clay bowls 4

As promised I am sharing my D-I-Y decor projects for everyone to create and experiment this festive season.  Recently I designed two interesting funky home decor mini bowls/dish. I use them to keep scattered small objects like keys and pins. or tags or just as a side table decoration. You can use is to store candies, wallets or just as a side table decor item!


Coloured oven baked clay ( I bought Fimo Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment – you can buy it here )
Small tray or bowl that is oven safe
Gold or Silver liquid guiding I bought this one and this one 
You could also use Acrylic Metallic Paint, Gold I have this one
A rolling pin
Paint brush


Now, if you buy the Fimo Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment you get to choose from 10 colors… I made two different colour combinations. One was Red and white (for Christmas!) and the other one was a mix of Turquoise, Dark Blue, Light Green and Yellow. It is best to use softer clay as a beginner.

  • First, select the colour or your choice preferably 3-4 colours or if you want to use only two colours, use more clay of the same colour.
  • Now, roll and make 4-5 long strips of the clay as depicted in the image below and then combine and twist the clay strips vertically.

home decor - clay bowls 3

home decor - clay bowls 6


  • Once you have twisted the clay strips make a ball and with a rolling pin roll out the ball. ( See images below) You can create various kinds of twists to make different colours stand out. You can roll out as thick or think based on your preference. Make sure the bowl/dish can take the weight of the items you want to use it for.

home decor - clay bowls 7

home decor - clay bowls 8


  • Once this is done, lift the side edges up and make a bowl or place the clay in an oven safe bowl (choose whatever shape you like).
  • Another way to do it – place a lid in the center of the rolled out clay and lift the edges to the side if the lid, then remove the lid and place the clay in the
    oven safe dish.
  • Bake the bowl/dish according to the instructions on the clay package. Typically it is for 20 minutes at around 250°F.

home decor - clay bowls 2

( Once the clay is heated in the oven it becomes thick and solid, not extremely hard but like a sturdy rubber material.)

home decor - clay bowls 5


  • Once you take out the bowl/dish let it cool.
  • Then with a thin brush, paint the edges with the Gold or Silver liquid guiding or the Gold or the Acrylic Metallic Paint (See the red bowl image above)

These are really handy bowls to collect the clutter and make the room look prettier 🙂

Try yours and let me how it turned out!

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