A Few Kitchen Tips

tipsFew fresh tips, some kitchen secrets and basic storage tips to run your kitchen well.

Something fresh: A secret I recently discovered
You can store your fresh herbs, coriander, mint, basil etc in an air tight container in the refrigerator. They remain fresh for a longer duration.

When life gives you Lemons! ūüėČ
Few tips on lemons

– Add few lemon drops to rice while cooking. It keeps the grain from breaking.

– For long storage of lemons, place them in a jar filled with water and close the lid tightly. Lemons stay for nearly a month if you keep changing the water every week.

– Peel lemon strips with a knife and let them dry. You can use it for food flavourings.

A Kitchen Setup

A clean kitchen is always pleasing to the eye. Here’s how you can make yours shine.

Give me some space!
Clear the clutter and stack your crockery in one shelf, plates on one side and bowls on the other. Place some plants to make you kitchen look beautiful.money plant
TIP: Grow money plants in your empty beer bottles. The beautiful plant requires easy care.

I store stylishly! 

So what if it’s behind closed cabinets, store your food grains or pulses in jars and label them.label

TIP: Don’t¬†throw the jam jar you just finished. Clean it with warm water and use it to store other food items.¬†

Are you hooked!

towelThose pretty little metal things(I mean wall hooks!), very handy. Use them to hang your kitchen towel or a cute hanging piece.



What’s your creative kitchen idea? Do share!

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